An Unsuitable Boy Talks about Miss World Manushi Chillar

Karan Johar’s An Unsuitable Boy grabs him an award. The filmmaker clarifies the rumors about Manushi Chillar

‘An Unsuitable Boy’ – well, it is not A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth (the world famous novel by the award-winning best author) rather it is the name of the book of the immensely popular filmmaker of Bollywood Karan Johar, who has been in news due to his award won for his book and casting the Miss World Manushi Chhillar in his upcoming movie ‘Student of the Year 2’. Well, the filmmaker dismisses the rumors of casting the beauty queen in the sequel to the successful ‘Student of the Year’.

Karan reveals that there is no truth at all in this news that he has roped Manushi into the cast of the film. He goes on saying that he has not met her after she won the title of Miss World.

An Unsuitable Boy

Johar was honored recently with the best author award in the category of Popular Choice Awards for Biographies. The book depicts the filmmaker’s life story. When asked, if he is ready to write a new book, he mentioned that he will do it after 30 years by the time he would be having enough experience to share with his fans.

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