BREAKING NEWS: Kapil Sharma Files Police Complaint Against SpotBoye’s Editor and His Ex-Managers

After Kapil Sharma’s Twitter Rant and his abuses to the journalist, latest development is that the actor has filed police complaints against his ex-managers and the journalist

Kapil Sharma’s Twitter Rant has been the hot topic today, as the entire media and social media are abuzz featuring the comedy star’s brawl with SpotBoye Editor Vicky Lalwani who has issued the audio tape of the star’s call to him in which Kapil abused and threatened him. Now the latest update is that the popular comedian turned Bollywood actor has now filed a police complaint against his former managers – Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes and also filed the complaint against the journalist (Editor of SpotBoye) for defaming him on digital media.

Preeti and Neeto were also the creative directors of Kapil’s previous show on Colors. His complaint to the journalist says “”launched a malicious propaganda to defame him in digital media” after he repudiated the exorbitant money.

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Kapil Sharma’s Twitter Rant

Sharma mentioned in his complaint that he was portrayed in negative manner by the website. The posts on the website affected his mental and emotional health and the site also made personal remarks on his career, friendships, relationships and fiancé.

Kapil Sharma has been facing tough time in his career and personal life and it all started with his fight with Sunil Grover on flight. He also admitted last year that he had been suffering from depression and undergone treatment for the same. He recently returned to television with the show ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’ that could not raise viewers’ liking. Share your views on Kapil with us in comments section.

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