Lindsay Lohan NOT a Part of the Guest List of Paris Hilton’s Wedding

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The guest list of Paris Hilton’s wedding is in news. All old pals get their place except Lindsay Lohan

Well, Paris Hilton’s wedding is now in talks after the news about her engagement came up. There are gossips that Paris is going to invite all her old friends with one exception. She would be inviting Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and others except Lindsay Lohan. The socialite is thrilled and loves to see all of them at her big day. The reports reveal that there is almost zero chance that Lindsay will be invited over the wedding of Paris Hilton.

Paris and boyfriend Chris Zylka got engaged recently and the two are now heading to have a lush wedding. Lindsay will not be a part, as the brawl between the two (which has happened longtime back) is the reason of throwing off Lohan from the guest list.

The guest list of Paris Hilton’s wedding is in news. All old pals get their place except Lindsay Lohan


Paris Hilton’s wedding
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Let’s wait and see who will make to the final guest list of the wedding. If Lindsay succeeds to be invited, it would be nice to hear.

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