Sex with Animals – A Shockingly Bitter Reality in Pakistan

sex with animals

Eye-opening column on the taboo subject of sex with animals in Pakistan

Sex with animals – we often watch it in adult movies. But the question is does it actually exist in our societies or in our surroundings? ‘Yes ‘is the answer, though it is not common or is hardly witnessed and this is because we often overlook it. In every society of the world, it is considered taboo nonetheless this evil practice is done and goes on.

Pakistan, a land where the existence of these kinds of practices must be out of question being an Islamic state, sexual acts with the animals are much in practice practicality in rural areas and small towns of the metropolitan cities.  People (males) are quite attracted to have fun (sex) with the animals. Even the dirty jokes about it are cracked on each other such as Raati billi naal suta sen? (Did you sleep with a cat last night?), Aj billi phari si? (Did you have fun with a cat?), Kuti nay teri ben phasa layi (Bitch locked your pe**s in her a**?) and so on.

sex with animals

In villages and small towns, pets like buffaloes, cows, donkeys and dogs become the targets of the sex-starving males. Many a time, people are caught red-handedly while having intercourse with the animals. These things have become a common habit there that now they do not feel shame at all upon being caught. They are massively sex-starved that they have forgotten the difference between the humans and animals. This is called the biggest ignorance even in the 21st century. Their sexual thrust leads them to grab any animal come their way. These people are psychologically ill and illiterate. They need to be educated, but the question arises who will do so? No NGO and government bodies come up to overcome this bitter issue of the society. Everyone knows it, but no action is taken rather we people including the think tank and decision makers enjoy discussing these stories and incidents happening in our surroundings.

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Few incidents revolving around this poisonous evil, I witnessed in the past, are narrated as under:

Shahid Piya (not his real name), a decent male from Shahdara (a small town in Lahore) was in love with a bitch and most interestingly the bitch too fell in love with the guy. Their romantic relationship was the central talk of the people of the town. They were true lovers and their romance was high in the air. Like a Bollywood film, the lovers didn’t give it a damn to the opposition of the masses and kept on dating and enjoying their sexual relationship. The rivalry of the people could not separate the lovers. Even the bitch was beaten a number of times by the guys of the area, but she never stopped visiting her lover’s abode. They used to have sex daily at night after 10.00 p.m. by the time the majority of the people of the area was fast asleep. There were special signals between the lovers used by them prior to their meeting every day. Shahid used to stand at his drawing room’s door opening in the street. Whistling was his signal to call his beloved (bitch), and hearing his whistle, the bitch would come to his room with her tail dancing rhythmically. Post the signals, he would slip into the room followed by the bitch. The door used to be latched from inside and then the game of sex would go on. Often in haste, they would forget latching the door, and the naughty guys hidden in the street to see all this happening would emerge exactly at the time when the two were right in the middle of their sexual pleasures. Most of the times, the two were beaten by the guys, but often were freed when the guys were in the mood of joys.

A man was screaming and crying with much pain lying in the middle of the road with his d**k locked into the a** of the bitch. The crying was too high to avoid that in no time, a big crowd gathered on the scene. This incident too happened in Shahdara, Lahore years back. The people started hitting the bitch with rods so that she could release the man’s fellow locked into her a**. It was the height of the sexual pleasure, she was enjoying or was something else that she was not freeing the male’s little fellow even being beaten with rods. Soon, a doctor was called on the scene – a curtain was wrapped around the male later the doctor eventually succeeded in freeing up the man from the clutches of the bitch.

sex with animals

Aslam (not his real name), an aged man was a drug-addict in the same town. He along with his pet cat used to live truly like husband-wife at his home. The entire area was aware of their sexual relationship. Since he was a drug-addict and aged, no one ever beat him, but efforts were made to make him realize the dirtiness he was involved in. Like Shahid Piya’s bitch, this cat too was much obedient to her lover. Aslam used to call her ‘Kato’. Upon hearing his call, the cat would come to him with her back towards his face and tail upside. The man was never ashamed of his dirty acts with the cat and did all this deadly business openly on the roof and in street.

This grubby business of sexual acts with the animals though is considered taboo in Pakistan, but goes on and on in villages and small towns. It is without any doubt a bitter venomous reality, which we people keep swallowing.

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