Concordia University Wisconsin Financial Aid for International & U.S. Students – Graduate Assistantships Available at the University

If you are seeking to study at Concordia University in Wisconsin in United States of America, and you like to receive a scholarship. Then, the only possibility is Concordia University Wisconsin Financial Aid, for which you can apply and get rewarded with. Thus, you can now prepare your applications for Graduate Assistantships offered by the university to both international and American students.

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Information about Concordia University Wisconsin Financial Aid

If you like to apply for the financial assistance, you may do so by applying through Concordia University financial aid office.

Remember, if you are an international student at Concordia University Wisconsin, you are not eligible for any kind of financial assistance normally offered to all U.S. students such as fellowships, scholarships and grants. If you want to apply to get a student loan from any U.S. bank, it appears really difficult as well. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to arrange funds for your studies. Additionally, you also cannot undertake employment because of the regulations set by the Immigration and Naturalization Service that describe the students could not engage in any kind of off-campus employment till the time the student’s first academic year ends. Besides, the following employment is also regulated and limited strictly in time.

Thus, you have the opportunity to do the job on-campus at Concordia University with this grant opportunity of Graduate Assistantship. This opportunity could be taken as a financial aid that is offered to both international and U.S. graduate students at Concordia University Wisconsin.

If you want to seek about Concordia University Wisconsin scholarships, you may check and find these opportunities at the official website.

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Brief Description about Concordia University Wisconsin Financial Aid

Let’s now learn about the financial aid offered to both international and American students below.

Country: United States of America

University: Concordia University Wisconsin

Program: Graduate Studies

Financial Coverage: Financial Assistance in Form of Cash (details are under financial benefits)

Deadline for Applications: 1st May 2022

About Concordia University Wisconsin (USA)

Located in Mequon, Wisconsin in USA, Concordia University is a private Lutheran university. Established in 1881, the university is a higher education institution that is officially recognized and accredited by the higher learning commission. The university is formally affiliated with the Christian-Lutheran religion. Concordia University Wisconsin offers pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor programs, masters programs and doctorate degrees in many fields of study.

As for Concordia University Wisconsin ranking, it holds good valuable status on world universities’ charts. It offers quality of education that is regraded high in the world.

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Graduate Assistantships at Concordia University Wisconsin

Graduate Assistantships are Concordia University scholarships in other words, as you will receive financial assistance by the university for your tuition and living expenses in the U.S. This is the only financial aid which the international students in particular can find. For graduate assistantship positions, both international and U.S. students are eligible to apply.

The chosen graduate students are offered a job in the department that offers these positions. For one calendar year, the graduate assistants are required to do the work for 20 hours per week. By the end of each month, the department that has signed you, pays the salary to you. This money can then be used either towards student’s tuition fees or living expenses, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Assistantships

Both international and U.S. students are eligible.

The students will apply for these positions, if they like to do this job.

The students are required to do 20 hours per week work for one year.

More information could be asked from the Concordia University financial aid office address or from its contact details.

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Financial Benefits

The students, selected for this opportunity, will be provided with a monthly salary of $1000.

Deadline for Applications

The last submission date for the job applications for Graduate Assistantships is 1st May 2022.

How to Apply for Concordia University Wisconsin Financial Aid

If you like to be considered for this job opportunity to provide coverage to your tuition, living or other expenses at the university, you need to apply for the position. To apply, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Fill up the Graduate Assistantship Application Form completely and carefully.
  • You need to provide two letters of recommendation from your professors.
  • The applicants also are required to prepare their present resume with their biography.
  • They also need to write a letter addressing the Graduate Assistant Selection Director explaining the reasons for joining this position.

Note: If you like to read the official details about this financial assistance, you may visit this official link.

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