UNICEF Free Online Courses with Free Certificates for All International Students & Individuals

These days everything is online, and now the education has also turned online. You now can have a chance to study with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund), and most importantly you will study online. Get ready to make your applications for UNICEF Free Online Courses. The interesting thing about these online courses is that you will also be conferred with free certificates of completion for the course you complete with UNICEF.

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There is no denying in saying that the United Nations free online certificate courses always grab the attention of all students in the world because of an authentic and big name. If you pass out with UN’s certification, the market is big for you to welcome you on board. So, fasten the belts to lodge your applications for these free online courses.

Details about UNICEF Free Online Courses

It is time to apply for UNICEF Free Online Courses 2021. The good thing about these courses is that there are no fixed number of courses since they are huge in list. You may choose the one best suites to your requirements and career. These courses which are available on UNICEF Agora website are free of cost for everyone from the world. Once you complete your course, you will be awarded with completion certificate that you can find it online. Agora UNICEF certificate holds tremendous worth. Since you earn from UNICEF, it will certainly add values to your career.

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UNICEF announced more than 140 courses, and they all are free and provides you a chance to get free certificate upon completion of the course. For your ease, these courses are offered in 8 languages. The brilliant thing about these UNICEF courses is that they are self-paced – you do not have to follow any start and end date. There is no deadline for applications, as you may enroll anytime and from anywhere. Let’s learn more details about this program.

Courses Offered By: UNICEF

Number of Courses: More than 140

Learning Mode: Online

Deadline for Applications: Open (you may enroll anytime)

Certificate of Completion: Yes

These courses are available to study on the platform of UNICEF Agora.

Earning a certificate from the likes of UNICEF is a big honor and prestige. Since these are professional certificates, they are offered in the subjects which can turn your career into success.

Do pour yourself fully to concentrate on learning so that you can learn completely and accurately. This is undoubtedly a big opportunity that you can avail and get benefits from it.

Areas of UNICEF Courses

At the website, you may also check UNICEF Free online courses list. Below are the courses available to study and choose from.

  • Education (9)
  • Children and Youth (33)
  • Health and Nutrition (14)
  • Human Rights (13)
  • International Law and Justice (1)
  • Environment and Climate Change (7)
  • Preparedness (4)
  • Population and Demography (14)
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) (13)
  • Operational Support (35)
  • Communication & languages (1)
  • Humanitarian Action (13)
  • Migration and Refugees (1)
  • Response (7)
  • Strategies (50)
  • Leading and managing (4)
  • Career Support (16)

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Languages Used in Courses

UNICEF understands the value of learning. This is the reason that the courses have been developed in various languages so that the learners can study with ease in their language or the language they are skilled at.

The languages used in UNICEF free online certificate courses 2021 are 8 mentioned as under:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Castilian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

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How to Apply for UNICEF Free Online Courses

The application process to make the applications for these courses is online. You need to enroll online for the courses at the UNICEF Agora website. First you need to create your account at the website by signing up. Once the account is created, log into your account as Guest Partner, and then click on the course you like to be enrolled into. You will then see the text in green color mentioning ‘Join the Activity’. You will then be taken into a new tab where you will find detailed information about your chosen course, its module and length, etc. You will be awarded with a UNICEF Free online courses free digital certificate upon completion of the course. Once your course marks complete, digital certificate will be conferred to you. Visit the Official Website to Learn in Detail and Apply for the Courses.

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