Queen’s University Scholarships for International Students in Canada – Plenty of Scholarships for International & U.S. Students

Queen’s University in Canada is a central attention and attraction for the students from the world. It attracts the outstanding student scholars from all over the globe. The university offers a variety of financial aid programs which are readily available to assist both international and U.S. students. Let’s now get ready to apply for Queen’s University scholarships for international students. Under International and U.S. Admission Scholarships and Awards, the students of the world and U.S. can find the details about the financial aid available to them.

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Details about Queen’s University Scholarships for International Students 2021

To award the exceptional level of academic excellence showcased by numerus of Queen’s incoming international and U.S. students, the university provides a wider range of scholarships to the students entering into university’s first year of undergraduate program of study. It is now time to apply for Queen’s University Canada scholarships 2021. There are a variety of scholarships/financial assistance available to students of the world and the U.S.

Information about Queen’s University, Canada

Queen’s University is amongst the top and most prestigious universities of Canada. Besides, the university also holds values in other parts of the world. This is the reason that the students from all corners of the world would like to make their educational careers with this university. As for Queen’s University ranking, it ranks 240 on QS Global World Ranking Charts of 2021.

Located in Kingston in Canada, Queen’s University is also popular as Queen’s. It is a public research university situated in Kingston, Ontario (Canada).

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Eligibility Criteria for Queen’s University Scholarships for International Students

To be considered for the scholarship, the applicants need to meet the eligibility requirements. Let’s check the eligibility criteria below:

  • International students.
  • Canadian nationals including the ones possessing dual citizenship, and those who are permanent residents are not eligible to apply for these awards.
  • The applicants should enter the first year of post-secondary education for the first time.
  • Those graduates, who are from a 2-year CEGEP program transferring into the 2nd year of a Queen’s University program will remain eligible for awards and admission scholarships.

Note: Those students, who are Canadian citizens or who hold dual citizenships and permanent resident status of Canada, need to visit the Admission Scholarships section for detailed information about awards and scholarships (for incoming 1st year domestic students).

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Selection for Scholarships

Remember, for Queen’s University financial aid for international students, the recipients of these scholarships would be chosen automatically.

There is no separate application required for these awards. The recipients will be chosen automatically on the basis of their academic achievement alone.

Note: For a grades-based admission scholarship, those who apply for admission to Queen’s University (all eligible) will be automatically considered. Click For Details.

There are few automatic admission scholarships, which are renewable. They have particular conditions, the students need to meet to get the renewal for their scholarship. The university also provides extra automatic admission scholarships (awards) to the students of the world (international). Click for Details.

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Financial Coverage for Queen’s University Scholarships for International Students

When the students apply for the admission to Queen’s University, all the candidates who are eligible will be automatically considered for the below-mentioned scholarships:

Principal’s Scholarship

Total Value for Scholarship: $4,000

Excellence Scholarship

Total Value for Scholarship: $1500

Queen’s University International Admission Scholarship

Total Scholarship Value: $9,000

Principal’s International Scholarship (India)

Total Scholarship Value: $20,000

Note: This is for the citizens of India.

Mehran Bibi Sheikh Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Total Scholarship Value: $1500

Killam American Scholarship

Total Scholarship Value: $9,000

Note: Complete details about all the above-mentioned scholarships’ financial coverage can be checked HERE.

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Deadline for Applications

There are no specific deadlines for these awards/scholarships. Nonetheless, it is suggested to check the updates at the official the website of Queen’s University.

How to Apply

For Queen’s University Scholarships for International Students, there is no need to make a separate application. On admission applications, the candidates are automatically considered for scholarships. Visit the Official Page of the Scholarships for more details and application process.

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