Study in Croatia Opportunity – Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik

Do you like studying in Europe? Besides, are you the one who loves to be enrolled at a university that is considered to be among the most prestigious universities in Europe? If so, you are going to witness now a really beneficial opportunity for you. Well, if you are also a seeker of the best exchange programs in Europe, once again, this opportunity is all set to entice you to the fullest as it is going to fulfill your dreams. Let’s find out the details about the Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik being offered to international students.

Brief Details about the Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik

The student exchange program is offered at the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia. If you are interested in a student exchange program abroad, this opportunity is all geared up to allure you. It is going to be one of the best opportunities to study in Croatia since the university is popular and attracts students from all parts of the globe.

As far as the student exchange programs are concerned, the University of Dubrovnik is famous for them. You may learn complete details about these programs ahead in the post.

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About the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

It is among the most popular universities in Croatia. A public university located in Dubrovnik, it was established on 1st October 2003. The university has its roots in different successive institutions dedicated and committed to the teaching of naval architecture and maritime engineering.

If you are concerned about the University of Dubrovnik ranking, it is ranked 401 to 450 in EECA University Rankings.

Necessary Details about the Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik

The university’s exchange program for students accepts applications. Applications are welcome and accepted on the basis of inter-institutional agreement and if you are officially nominated by your home institution.

Regarding the freemover applications, they can also be accepted if in line with the deadlines (mentioned ahead in the post under the heading of deadlines) and procedure and if there are free quotas left for incoming students.

You may check out the details about the 2023-2024 academic calendar.

Deadline to Submit the Applications

There are important dates, which you need to keep an eye on if you are interested in the student exchange program. Let’s find out the dates as under:

  • Nomination deadline for the winter semester/whole year – June 1st
  • Application deadline for the winter semester/whole year – June 15th
  • Nomination deadline for the summer semester – November 15th
  • Application deadline for the summer semester – December 1st

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Important Note to Remember for the Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik

  • You cannot combine courses from different levels (it means you can select courses only from your level of study such as Bachelor’s or Master’s) but you are able to combine courses from two different departments (in that case, you need to be aware of the fact that if you combine courses from different departments, there are schedules which may overlap).
  • If for a certain course, less than 5 students apply, there will be a possibility that the course will not be held. In this case, where the students are less than 5, the university will provide consultation/tutorial hours with the professor rather than conducting regular classes.
  • It is worth noting that the acceptance letters will be issued to students two weeks after the application deadline at the latest.
  • You need to contact the university’s office for international relations and research projects before your arrival in case of additional requirements regarding organizational, academic, or other aspects.

Application Process

There is an application process for the Exchange Student Program at the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia that you need to follow carefully. Let’s check out the procedure:

  • You need to check it out if the official nomination by your home university has been forwarded/sent to UNIDU.
  • You then need to fill in the enrollment form. Before filling in the form, you need to get everything prepared with you such as your coordinator’s name, your university’s address, etc. Since you can fill in the enrollment form only once, there will be no save option. Be careful while you submit the form. Check the enrollment form very carefully by scanning the information whether it has been provided fully before you submit the form.
  • You are required to fill in the form corresponding to your study level and then make a selection of the courses in the semester you wish to adopt or attend. Study programs available include Undergraduate (Bachelor) and Graduate (Master).
  • Also, fill in your Learning Agreement in the OLA Platform (you need to pay close attention to the list of courses in the Learning Agreement – the list of courses in the learning agreement needs to match the courses in the previous step).
  • Under the question ‘Responsible Person for Signing the Agreement in the learning agreement, you should add the persons from the link of List of Responsible Persons for Signing Your OLAs.

Note: Interested candidates should visit the official webpage for complete details before they make the decision for application submission.

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