Mevlana Exchange Programme in Turkey Offered with Attractive Funding

Education in Turkey always allures students from around the world. The country has a whopping number of universities and higher education institutions that attract the eyes of the students. This is the reason that each year the country witnesses a big flow of international students coming to attend the universities. If you are interested in studying there, then, there is a chance for you to obtain the opportunity. An opportunity for an exchange programme is offered in Turkey. If it lures you and makes you go for it, then it is time to start processing your application for Mevlana Exchange Programme (Mevlana Exchange Program).

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Details About the Opportunity – The Mevlana Exchange Programme

It is actually a students exchange program that aims the exchange of students and academic staff between higher education institutions of the world (other countries) and Turkish higher education institutions. This program is different from other exchange student programme (s) and consists of all higher education institutions in the world despite (regardless of) their regions.

Right Candidates for Mevlana Exchange Programme

The students, who may benefit from this programme, are those who are registered in formal education programmes in Turkey at higher education institutions (on a condition that shows that the higher education institutions have inked/signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol).

In addition to that, all academic staff working in a foreign higher education institution or a national institution, on a condition which states that the higher education institutions have inked/signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol, could also benefit from this exchange programme.

Eligibility Requirements

If you like to be a student of this programme, you need to meet the requirements mentioned as under:

  • The applicants are required to be studying for a Bachelor’s degree, associate degree, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. degree in higher education programs.
  • On a 4-point scale, the GPA of associate degree and undergraduate students needs to be a minimum of 2.5.
  • On a 4-point scale, the GPA of graduate students (MA and Ph.D.) needs to be a minimum of 3.00.
  • 50 percent language score plus 50 percent GPA.

Note: The applicants studying in their 1st year of Bachelor’s or associate degree and those who are in preparation classes and scientific preparation programmes of graduate degree programs are not eligible to participate in this exchange programme in their 1st semester. You may check the Programme Requirements for more details.

Financial Benefits

Successful students are not required to pay the host institutions for their tuition fees during their study period (during the programme lasts there), but they continue paying the obligatory tuition fees to their home institutions. Within the scope of the exchange programme, the students do not have to pay any additional (extra) fee to the host institution.

Scholarships to Be Awarded During the Mevlana Exchange Programme for Students

Students of the Mevlana Exchange Programme continue taking their other grants and scholarships in their home countries, and they are required to do registration in their home countries. As mentioned above that they pay their tuition fees to their institutions in their home country if they are supposed to, on the other hand, they are not required to pay any tuition fee to their host institutions.

Students under this programme can be paid up to 3 times of the amount which is paid monthly to the students of a Bachelor’s degree according to the Law No.5102 (on Granting Scholarship and Loan awarded to the students of higher education and according to ratios set by the Council of Higher Education Executive Board).

Scholarships are conferred to incoming students coming from other countries to higher education institutions in Turkey according to the ratios determined/set by the Council of Higher Education Executive Board.

Out of the scholarships paid to the students, 70 percent of the amount is paid per month basis. As for the remaining grant for the students, the ratio of total credits of the succeeded courses to the courses which the student is obliged to undertake as obligatory courses will be taken into consideration.

Note: If there is a case where there are insufficient funds available for Mevlana Exchange Programme, the mobility of students can be executed without scholarships or by other scholarships (for details, you may check the official website).

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Scholarships to Be Awarded During the Mevlana Exchange Programme for Academic Staff

As stated in Travel Expense Law No. 6245, the candidates (chosen academic staff) could be provided with a travel allowance plus additional course fees might also be paid as per the above-mentioned law (Law No. 6245) and article 10 of Law No. 2547. The authority i.e., CHE Executive Board is authorized to determine extra (additional) course fees due to the titles and countries.

Participation in The Mevlana Exchange Programme

As far as the students are concerned, they could study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters. Remember that the period for semesters might be different considering the systems of education but the total/complete exchange period cannot exceed one academic year.

As for academic staff, they could make a participation in this exchange programme, and could lecture abroad ranging from one week (minimum) to three months (maximum).

How to Apply for the Mevlana Exchange Program

After filling out the required forms properly, the students could submit the applications. Visit the official website for more details, clarifications, and application procedure.

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