Italy Digital Nomad Visa – Get Ready to Legally Work and Live in Italy

Fact remains that digital nomad visa has gathered quite a big momentum in recent years. The era of digitalization has done wonders, and among them this ilk of visa too has gained strength. A number of countries around the world so far have launched this visa service available to all people from the world (who fall into eligibility criteria). The new to join the bandwagon is none other than Italy. Italy digital nomad visa announcement has recently been announced.

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What is Digital Nomad Visa?

The question ‘what is nomad visa?’ often circulates everywhere. The answer to this question is simple. This type of visa is actually a travel authorization which legalizes the status of the workers on the move. Remote workers are offered this visa. Obtaining of digital nomad visa is simple, there is no complication and hefty number of documents involved. The applicants need to follow the instructions simple, and submit their applications.

This visa allows long stays in a land for which the visa is issued. It allows its holder to work during the stay in a country provided that the holder does so independently and remotely. Since there are no hard complications involved in the process, the applicants do not have to get the services of corporate travel management or any kind of immigration consultancy. It can easily be done on your own.

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Is Digital Nomad Legal?

Yes, being a digital nomad or having a digital nomad visa is completely legal since it is issued by the legal authorities such countries’ embassies. As for the question of how much time a digital nomad stays at one place, well, it depends on the nomad and the duration of the visa.

How Much Digital Nomads Earn?

The average income of a digital nomads varies according to the work they do or the country they stay. The nature of job particularly matters the most. On average, a digital nomad could earn between $100 to $150k per year.

Remember, visa application for digital nomads is simple and easy to make. You may stumble upon numerous immigration agents or the people dealing with visa services who may raise claims to get this type of visa for you. Be cautious from the fraudsters. You may contact the relevant authorities such as embassies of particular countries, their immigration services and their home offices, etc. to collect the authentic information. Follow the instructions, and submit your applications accordingly.

Does Italy Offer Digital Nomad Visa?

As it has been mentioned in the beginning that Italy has planned to offer this type of visa soon to the eligible people from the world.

The Government of Italy plans to launch its new digital nomad visa to encourage foreigners to come and spend a year working remotely. Schengen Visa Info reports that Foreigners interested in remote work will soon become eligible to live and work in Italy legally, as the country plans to launch its digital nomad visa.

There are other reports available online which showcase that a government decree was first introduced in January this year and voted into law on March 28th 2022.

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Who is Eligible for Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa?

People can check their eligibility through various authentic sources such as Italian embassies, consulates and even from Italian immigration and naturalization service.

The eligible candidates for this type of visa include highly qualified remote workers and freelancers, who work from outside EU (European Union) including British and US citizens. Since this visa type has been introduced and has been running successfully in many countries in Europe and around the world, Italian Government is now determined and eager to fetch in professionals who would like to live and work there legally. The government wants to expand country’s economy.

As mentioned earlier in this post that the process of application and submission is easy, there is no need to get involved any online travel agent or even any kind of travel service.

Working Conditions for Digital Nomads in Italy

Italy is in European Union and a part of the EU, thus, anyone from EU (the nationals of European Union) can start working in Italy without a work permit or visa. But the people from the rest of the world (outside the European Union) have to apply for a visa (if they want to stay in the country for longer than 90 days) and a work permit.

With the emergence of digital nomad law in Italy, the law would simplify the procedure and make working and living in the country easier and more accessible to foreigners. Italian government will also work on the matter whether the digital nomad visa holders may bring their families/dependents along or not. The extension of the visa matter is also yet to be taken into consideration by the government.

It is being thought that Italy’s digital nomad visas are going to be among the easiest digital nomad visas of the world.

Note: You should also check your ESTA application status prior to applying meaning that whether it is required in your case or not.

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Requirements to Obtain the Visa

The applicants are required to provide proof of earnings to obtain this visa. The government is yet to set out the minimum income proof. Once it is decided, it will be public so that the applicants may be aware of this requirement. Once the law is passed and this visa is launched, other necessary requirements will also be issued. Complete information about the visa may be obtained from Italian embassies, consulates or from Italian immigration office.

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When Will the Digital Nomad Visa Be Introduced?

The proposal has been approved. Now, the Italian government is working on a new bill to implement the law. Let’s wait for the good news. It is hoped that very soon, Italy will join the bandwagon of digital nomad visas countries.

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