Cyprus International University Scholarships for International Students for Undergraduate, Masters & PhD Programs (Various Opportunities Available)

A big majority of international students head to Cyprus for their educational goals to earn higher education. From all parts of the world, the students come to Cyprus to attend the universities there. Cyprus universities are undoubtedly reputed and hold values for international students for many valid reasons. For the common question – Is Cyprus a good place to study, the answer is ‘yes’. It is a popular destination for a variety of students because of the reasonable cost of studying, living, and English-taught study programs. If you would like to study there at a Cyprus university, there is an exciting opportunity available for applications. Let’s learn the details about the Cyprus International University Scholarships for International Students ahead in this article.

Details Regarding Cyprus International University Scholarships for International Students

In Cyprus, you may find internationally recognized degrees. The universities there are accredited worldwide. The majority of the courses designed for international students are taught in English, thus, you will not find language barriers. English is also widely spoken.

Like other countries such as the U.S.A, Canada, the UK, Australia, Europe, and big countries of the world, according to online reports, international students can work while studying in Cyprus. On a student visa, international students may work up to 20 hours per week in certain positions and in certain industries under specific conditions. For more accurate information and updated information, you are advised to check with the Cyprus Government.

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If the study program has a longer duration and lasts longer than 90 days, international students need to get a temporary residence permit after they arrive in Cyprus. The temporary residence permit (also famous as Pink Slip) will allow the students to extend their stay in Cyprus for 4 years (according to online reports). Updated information must always be checked from the official sources of the relevant government.

As far as Cyprus International University is concerned, it is an English-language private university located in Northern Cyprus and was founded in 1997.  CIU is a recognized institution of higher learning. The university is pleased to offer scholarships for international students for all study levels to support them in their studies. Following are the details about the scholarships available at CIU for students across the globe.

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students 

Under Cyprus International University scholarships for international students, there is an opportunity for undergraduate studies delivered at CIU. The university provides academic scholarships for its students. The range is from 50%, 75% to 100% as scholarships or discounts in tuition fees each academic semester. Interested students are advised to contact the university’s registration office.

International Student Scholarship

International students from all parts of the world wishing to study at CIU will be granted a 50% tuition fee scholarship.

Academic Scholarships at CIU

Prospective students can apply for academic scholarships. They are awarded based on the applicant’s academic merit. The range of the scholarship varies from 50% to 100% off their tuition fees.

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Athletic Scholarships Available at Cyprus International University

Athletic scholarships are available and all prospective students are eligible to apply for them with evidence of sports performance at a national level as well as members of the Supreme sports leagues or those students who wish to be involved actively in a sports team of CIU.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

For Masters and PhD students, scholarships are also available at CIU. Graduate students having a valid Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 or above are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

The above-mentioned are Cyprus International University Scholarships for International Students, if you would like to study at CIU you may be a recipient of any of the above opportunities provided that you meet the eligibility standards. Interested students should visit the official webpage to learn about all available opportunities.

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