Fully Funded PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands with Higher Salary and Many Attractive Benefits

Are you looking for the best PhD positions abroad? Do you want a fully funded PhD position that not only fulfills your requirements but also helps you ride on a successful path? If yes is your answer, then you need to get ready to witness a marvelous fully funded opportunity waiting for you in the beautiful part of Europe – the Netherlands at the most prestigious research university called Wageningen University & Research. Let’s find out complete details regarding the open PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research in the next lines of this post.

Details about the PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research

The Wageningen University & Research is looking for a passionate PhD candidate in the field of insect-plant-microbe interactions who can investigate how aphids tackle plant resistance mechanisms via salivary effectors and their symbiotic relationships with microbes. This happens to be undoubtedly the best research abroad position.

In this PhD program (position), a panel of aphid species will be studied to explore microbes and effectors that affect their interaction with the host plant. As a researcher (in this PhD position), you will set up and perform wet lab activities, including aphid bioassays and molecular assays, and then analyze genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics data.

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Your Activities (Job Activities)

  • As a successful candidate (if you are chosen), you will work in two chair groups. As far as the Laboratory of Entomology is concerned, it will focus on insects’ biology with an emphasis on understanding ecological aspects in the context of the underlying physiological and molecular mechanisms. Besides, on the other hand, the Laboratory of Virology will focus on fundamental research in insect viruses, plant viruses, and arboviruses.
  • Both of these chair groups will comprise a team of passionate lecturers and scientists. The education programs will put focus on BSc, MSc, and PhD levels and consist of physiological, ecological, and molecular aspects at Wageningen University.
  • You as a researcher will work in an international team that consists of postdocs, PhD students, and researchers. You will be there as a teaching assistant for two courses per year and an individual training plus a supervision plan of the graduate school experimental plant sciences will support your personal development.
  • The best about this opportunity is that you are all set to work at the most innovative and greenest campus in the Netherlands, and at a university that is often selected as the ‘best university’.

Eligibility Criteria for the PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research

  • As an applicant, you are or have an MSc degree in Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Sciences, or any related field with a specialization in pathogen-plant interactions or insect-plant.
  • You should be curiosity-driven and need to be enthusiastic about insects’ behavior, the plant physiological and molecular responses induced by insects and the role of microbes in this system.
  • The applicant has to be experienced in bioassays with insects and plants/ molecular techniques and pathogens like RNA/DNA extraction and (q)PCR.
  • As an applicant, you need to be equipped with knowledge on effector biology and plant defenses.
  • You need to be quite motivated to widen your transcriptomics and proteomics data analysis expertise.
  • You have to be passionate about working on the genomics of plants, insects, and their microbiome.
  • You need to be willing to supervise undergraduate students.
  • The applicant (you) has to be a proactive team player and committed to gaining a PhD.
  • You have to be equipped with good oral and written communication skills and need to be proficient in the English language.

Available Financial Coverage (What Will Be Offered to You)

Let’s now discuss the PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research salary, as to what will be offered to the selected candidate. This is a fully funded PhD Position. Excellent terms of employment will be offered.

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The following are the details to be offered to the selected candidate for this position. Go through all of them carefully and learn what you will be offered once you are taken onboard.

  • Study leave, sabbatical leave, and partially paid parental leave.
  • Working hours which can be discussed and arranged so that they can allow for the excellent possible work-life balance.
  • The option to receive additional compensation/holiday hours by working extra (more) per week.
  • There will be a strapping (strong) focus on vitality and you will make use of the sports facilities which are available on campus for a small fee.
  • You will also get a fixed December bonus of 8.3%.
  • Excellent pension scheme.

Note: In addition to all the above benefits (employee benefits), you will get a fully funded PhD position and you will also be provided with a course program tailored to your needs and the research team. Your gross salary for the first year is €2.770 (per month) which will rise to €3.539 – in the 4th year according to the Collective Labor Agreements for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU) (scale P). The position will be based on a full-time working week of thirty-eight (38) hours.

You will be offered a temporary contract for 18 months that will be extended for the duration of the project (provided that you perform excellently).

Deadline for Applications

The closing date for applications is 6th May 2024. If interested, you should be fast and submit your applications.

How to Apply for the PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research

Interested candidates for the PhD Position at Wageningen University & Research are advised to visit the official announcement to learn complete details including the application procedure available on the announcement.

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