Belarus Offers Visa on Arrival (Visa Free) Facility to 76 Countries – Now It’s Easy to Visit This European Country

If you are among those countries whose nationals are entitled with Belarus visa on arrival facility, you are a lucky person then, because it is a country that possesses eye candy locations to visit to. Since Europe is the center of attraction and attention of all and sundry in particular the tourists, Belarus too turns out to be a tourist’s paradise. The country is landlocked in Eastern Europe, and is officially called the Republic of Belarus. The country is hospitable republic with an enhanced security level. It is safe for both the residents and the tourists (visitors) who always feel protected and confident while their stay in the country. Among the students of the world, Belarus also appears to be a great option due to its quality of education. This European country is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Latvia and Lithuania to the northwest.

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Details about Belarus Visa on Arrival

Belarus visa on arrival facility is available to visitors from 76 countries of the world including Germany, Belgium, Kuwait, Oman, Denmark, Pakistan, India, Iran, Singapore, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Haiti, Egypt and others. To check the detailed information or the complete list of Belarus visa on arrival countries, you should visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus’ website.

Is Belarus a Safe Country to Visit for Tourists?

There is no doubt that the country is safe for the travelers. Crimes against the tourists or travelers are rare in the country. Petty thefts are though witnessed in Belarus. Thus, a tourist can encounter it in sleeper trains, public transport and at popular tourist destinations around the city of Minsk.

Are Foreigners Allowed to Enter Belarus?

Yes, all foreigners may enter Belarus with proper and required documents. The nationals of foreign countries may visit everywhere in the country within 30 days of their visa-free stay. But, according to the conditions and rules, they need to arrive and leave Belarus only through Minsk National Airport. Remember, the visa-free entry rules, which have been defined and applied, do not extend to any other airports of Belarus or any other international border checkpoints.

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Do U.S. Citizens Require a Visa to Travel to Belarus?

Yes, all U.S. citizens are required to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Belarus (effective from October 17th, 2021). From October 17th 2021 according to the rules set by the Government of Belarus, the citizens of the United States of America will not enter Belarus without a visa.

What Language is Spoken in Belarus?

Two languages – Belarusian and Russian are widely spoken in the country. As far as English is concerned, it is spoken and understood in Belarus among young generation and in metropolitan cities. Old people and the people residing in villages hardly speak and understand English. German, Polish and French too are spoken there. As for Belarus English speaking percentage, it is around 12% of the population who speaks it pretty well (according to the records).

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Which Religion is Practiced in Belarus?

The principal Belarus religion is Orthodox. But other religions are also witnessed being practiced in the country such as Islam and Hinduism. The records reveal that around 45,000 Muslims and 1000 Indians are in Belarus apart from others.

Belarus Attractions

Why visit Belarus? Well, the country possesses plenty of eye-pleasing and heart-hitting attractions – natural beauty, heart-hitting buildings and locales, abundant of rivers and lacks, a unique landscape and the rare species of flora and fauna of which were persevered.

Is COVID Test Required to Enter Belarus?

Yes, you are required to produce the COVID test. All travelers from all countries need to show it (other than the citizens of Belarus and permanent residents of the country) who are 6 years old or above. They need to provide the document of the negative PCR test performed within 3 days of entering.

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Belarus Visa Requirements for Visa on Arrival Facility

The citizens of 76 countries are eligible to enter and visit Belarus visa-free for 30 days (according to the Presidential decree w.e.f. July 27th 2018). They can enter the country for up to 30 days and leave Belarus only trough Minsk National Airport.

This rule of visa-free movement through the airport does not extend to travelers/tourists arriving to Belarus by plane from Russia (the Russian Federation) as well as to those tourists who like to fly to the airports of Russia (because such flights are considered internal and do not possess any border control).

Your stay will be calculated in calendar days in visa-free terminology – it means the first day represents your day of arrival and the last days coins the term of your day of departure (regardless of the time you arrive and departs from Belarus).

Note: Visa free rule does not prolong to the people who hold diplomatic, service, special and other equivalent passports. Your trip to Belarus will be for business, private, tourist or other purposes but not for employment, or any other related to commercial activity in Belarus or even for education (if your education period surpasses 30 days’ time).

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Required Documents for Belarus Visa on Arrival Facility

  • Foreign nationals, who visit Belarus visa-free via the checkpoint of Minsk National Airport, should possess the below mentioned documents:
  • Valid Passport (valid at least 90 days beyond your intended departure date from Belarus).
  • Financial means – You need to show an equivalent amount not less than 2 base rates for each day of your stay (around 22 Euros) or 50 base rates (roughly 526 Euros) if you are intended to stay for complete 30 days. The currency should be shown in Belarusian rubles or any foreign currency.
  • Medical insurance policy – that gives a coverage for minimum of 10,000 Euros (should be valid in Belarus during your entire stay).

Note: For the nationals/citizens of Haiti, Vietnam, China, India, Gambia, Namibia, Lebanon and Samoa, the compulsory extra requirement is to have a valid multiple visas of the European Union (member states) or Schengen zone with a mark on your passport on crossing these states/countries’ borders and tickets showing the confirmation of your departure from ‘Minsk National Airport’ within the timeframe of 30 days from your entry date.

Do the Foreign Nationals Need to Register with Local Authorities When in Belarus or Upon Arrival?

Yes. If the foreign nationals stay in Belarus for more than 5 working days, they will have to get themselves registered with Belarusian local authorities i.e., Office of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’.

If they make their stay in hostels, hotels, collective accommodation facilities or sanatoriums, their registration will be done by the administration of these facilities upon their check-ins.

Note: Visa-Free (or Visa on Arrival) will not or cannot be prolonged beyond 30 days’ time period.

Big News for Pakistani Citizens – Belarus Announces to Provide On-Arrival Visa Facility to Pakistani Tourists

Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces Belarus visa on arrival for Pakistani passport facility for the Pakistani citizens. The visas provided to the Pakistani nationals/tourists will be valid for 30 days (that also includes the arrival and departure days). Besides, this visa will be extendable for the same period.

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Which Pakistanis are Eligible?

For Belarus visa on arrival, the Pakistani citizens whose passport has multiple entry Schengen visas with one entry stamp in the zone of Schengen may visit Belarus for 30 days. Pakistani tourists need to arrive and depart through Minsk National Airport, and other airports of Gomel, Brest, Mogilev and Vitebsk.

This facility is not offered to Pakistanis’ tourists who fly into Belarus from Russia or intend to fly to Russia.

Documents Pakistani Nationals Require to Obtain This Facility

  • Valid Passport
  • Financial assets which are equivalent to at least two base amounts for each day of their stay.
  • Medical insurance with €10,000 (minimum) coverage.
  • A valid document for travel abroad showing multiple entry visa of one of the Schengen states or EU member countries bearing a stamp (of EU or Schengen Zone).

If they stay more than 10 days in Belarus, they need to register with the local authorities (Office of Citizenship and Migration) or they can also register on the website of the unified portal of electronic services.

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