TKS Full-Ride Scholarship for International Students to Make Big Careers

Scholarships are now available for innovative programs, the ones which turn into your lives into success. If interested, you may submit your applications for these novel programs. Get ready and fasten your belts to apply for TKS Full-Ride Scholarship.  It is a 10-month long global innovation program taken place with weekly sessions. The ideal candidates for TKS Program fall into the age group of 13 to 17 years. These students may submit their applications for the program and interview before joining. Financial assistance (scholarship) is available also.

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Details about TKS Full-Ride Scholarship

This program contains the duration of 10 months, and can be done in person (physical attendance) and virtually. Physical locations include Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. The eligible age group for this program is in between 13 to 17 years. If accepted on the program, students may be eligible for full-ride scholarship as well.

Concise Description about TKS Full-Ride Scholarship

Let’s now check out the details in a concise manner for the ease of all applicants from the world.

Host Country: Canada/USA

Organization: TKS (The Knowledge Society)

Program: Global Innovation Program (for ambitious high school students)

Financial Benefits: Funded

Deadline: Open (applications are currently open)

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About TKS (The Knowledge Society)

TKS is the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists who like to solve the world’s biggest problems. The organization helps ambitious young people change the world. It comprises of a global community of the world’s most keen, aspiring to succeed and driven people who really want to register an impact.

Behind this massive innovative project, there are two brothers (the co-founders of TKS) – Nadeem and Navid Nathoo. They launched this organization on the belief that the human potential was not being optimized as a society. And if the human potential is unlocked fully, the society could easily solve the biggest problems of the world.

The brains behind TKS strongly believe that there are hardly any smart people around the globe working on solving hard problems. They believe that there are many areas which are highly important and have problems which need to be solved. Out of these problems, many are waiting to be solved by the next generation. At TKS, they train the youngsters to be the problem-solvers by helping the society as well. The youngsters are trained to solve these problems.

Program Overview

The Global Innovative Program is not a typical after-school program rather was developed with CEOs and global leaders. It has been modeled after curriculums from Harvard University, Stanford University and MIT. The curriculum has also been designed to replicate the learning environment and culture of Silicon Valley.

The students/participants will develop the expertise, knowledge and mindset to register an impact on the world spanning over 100 hours of live sessions, activities and workshops.

The program comprises of 10 months duration with weekly sessions. In a cohort of 30 to 40 people, the students are placed. Every weekend, each cohort meets up for the duration of 10 moths (from September to June). Once the students are accepted into the program, they will be able to select their specific date and time.

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Benefits of the Program

TKS Program consists of many attractive benefits, which will certainty grab the eyeballs of the interested students. You will learn:

Emerging Technology: The students will learn about latest technologies such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence which are high in demand and are changing the globe.

Mindset: The team will develop foundational mindsets to help the students optimize themselves so that they can be able to register an important impact on the world.

Real-World Challenges: The students will work on the problems, which real companies in the world are presently facing. TKS has worked with organizations such as Barclays and Microsoft.

Global Community: you will be mixed up and tying up with a community of like-minded people who are curious about making an impact on the entire world and solving the massive problems.

Unique Opportunities: You will also be able to get access to mammoth opportunities such as conferences, internships and opportunities to speak to fuel your personal growth.

Mentorship: The students will also be laced with access to top-tier mentors for the world’s most innovative and renowned companies like the ones – Tesla, Google, SpaceX, Uber, United Nations, Apple, Airbnb and many others.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • The program has been designed for high school students.
  • The applicants should be in between 13 to 17 years of age.
  • The in-person programs are available to the students in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver and surrounding areas.
  • Global Virtual Program is available and open to worldwide students.
  • There are exceptions for students taking gap years, thus the 18 years aged students too can join (check with TKS for this).

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Application and Interview

There is a process for selection. In order to join TKS, the students need to be accepted. The process involves a written application and group interview. Prior experience is not required. Ambitious students are needed for this program.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

TKS Full-Ride Scholarship is available for those applicants showing need. Merit-based scholarships are offered to the students who are accepted by TKS into the program. The applicants could submit the applications for financial aid after they apply and are accepted.

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TKS Application Deadline

The applications are presently open and available for submissions.

How to Apply for TKS Full-Ride Scholarship

The process of application is simple and online. Visit the official website and do so accordingly.

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