Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar – A New Funded Opportunity

If you are looking for something unique, interesting, and beneficial, Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar happens to be a new opportunity for you to engage with the existing Erasmus+ mobility programme for all those who teach in higher education in Ireland (Irish higher education). As far as the full form of DELTA is concerned, it stands for Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment. It is a core concept of the work of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Let’s learn more in detail.

Details About the Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar

This initiative has been made as a result of a partnership signed between the International Section of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the National Forum, building on the success of the present (existing) Erasmus+ mobility programmes.

Talking about the Erasmus+ DELTA programme, it focuses on providing support to the professional development of staff in Irish higher education with a main focus on developing (enhancement) of teaching and learning within and between disciplines.

Those candidates, who show interest in the Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar opportunity and would like to avail of it so that they can use their mobility period to pour focus on the development/enhancement of teaching and learning within their fields/disciplines, can also obtain national recognition for this commitment to their field/discipline that would be in the form of a digital badge of National Forum.

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Steps to Be Followed in Becoming an Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar

  • The candidates need to complete the mobility application form of the Erasmus+ DELTA (available from their international office). They need to indicate how they intend to increase their learning and that of others within their disciplines via/through the mobility period. (Important Note: It is worth noting that the Erasmus+ DELTA mobility only makes coverage of the training mobility periods. In this scenario, training may consist of job shadowing, other forms of training, and peer observation that are intended to help them/candidates learn and share learning within their field/discipline).
  • They should submit the completed form to their institution at the international office.
  • If the mobility application is approved, they should then partake in the mobility period and get/obtain the targets they set for the development/enhancement within their discipline.
  • On their return, they need to share their learning experiences with their colleagues and those who are interested.
  • In order to complete the Erasmus+ mobility procedure, the candidates are required to complete the standard online Erasmus+ feedback form (the candidates can get more information from their international office).
  • If the candidates want to claim their national recognition available in the form of a National Forum Digital Badge, they should visit the official page and complete the online feedback form of the Erasmus+ DELTA. (Special Note: While completing the online form, the candidates will be asked or required to upload the completed mobility application form copy).

For International Officers: It should be noted that the international office is the conduit for this mobility since the funding availability for mobilities is offered in the Erasmus+ budget.

Funding Procedure (for Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar)

If there is a requirement for additional funding for Erasmus+ DELTA mobilities, candidates can then contact the National Agency to get extra funding. It should be kept in mind that the extra funding has to be applied for two months in advance of the end of your contract (Grant Agreement). Funding provisions might be subject to budget restrictions.

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Key Points to Be Noted

  • This option puts a focus on the training options of Erasmus+ staff mobility.
  • Everything regarding the procedure is identical to the present/existing mobility procedure. Same mechanisms is used and it follows the same rules. There are few differences, which are applications form for staff members and the opportunity to get national recognition on their return.

Steps Involved in the Erasmus+ DELTA Scholar

The member of the staff completes the application form for the Erasmus+ Delta mobility instead of the standard application form. The same will then be sent to the international office of their institution. By the time the mobility is concluded and if the international office approves it, staff then will take the below steps:

  • For mobilities, they need to fill in the standard online Erasmus+ feedback form.
  • They need to fill in the feedback form for the Erasmus+ DELTA that is accessible or available on the official webpage.
  • Once the National Forum reviews the feedback form and it is approved by the forum, a digital badge of the National Forum Erasmus+ DELTA will be issued.

Interested candidates should visit the official source for more details, the accuracy of the information, the application process, and the updated information.

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