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Jasmin Bhasin’s Win on Bigg Boss Season 14 Brings Opposition and Friendship

The name Jasmin Bhasin reveals talents, beauty and class and this celebrity shows it all in every show she works in. These days she has been in Bigg Boss Season 14. Since the day she has slipped into the show, she has stolen the hearts of her fans. On television front, Jasmin has already showed her class and talents and with her hearty-hitting beauty, Bhasin has won millions of fans not only in India but also across the globe. With her big fan following, she is there in Bigg Boss season 14 to win the show. The facts depict that she is going to be the winner this time around.

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Jasmin Bhasin – a True Winner

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Jasim Bhasin is called the true winner of the task in the show. We have seen numerous glimpses of Jasmin’s fighting spirit in the last few episodes of the reality show, but in yesterday’s episode Bhasin has proved how strong she is by winning the task. Wow! The actress is superb and a true task champion. Jasmin was up against Nikki Tamboli and it was a very close fight. During the task we saw how determined and strong Jasmin is. She did not loss the focus on her task.

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How Did She Play the Game?

Whoever of the two girls had the most balls in their basket by the end of the game, would be the winner. Thus, it was not as easy as it seemed. During the fight of stealing each other’s balls, the two girls tore their baskets to shreds.

Who Opposed Jasmin Bhasin in the Game?

By the end of the game, Jasmin was holding most of baskets with balls entangled within them whereas Nikki was holding a piece of cardboard and balls in her hand. Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan though both took the side of Bhasin, but Sidharth Shukla opposed the decision. Finally, the gorgeous actress Jasmin Bhasin was declared the winner of the game.

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Rewards Jasmin Bhasin Received

Now, the most interesting and beneficial thing for Bhasin is that as a reward, she is going to get all her items back from BB mall. The fans are glued to see more of hard struggles and efforts from her in coming episodes, as they know she is a strong girl. After this task, there is going to be a mammoth support for Jasmin Bhasin from her fans and the masses alike. The actors who are on her side include Prince Nerula, Debina Bon Choudhary, Andy Kumar and Aly Goni.

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We,, there is a social media war going on between Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. Let’s fasten the belts to see Jasmi be a winner of Bigg Boss Season 14.

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The name Jasmin Bhasin reveals talents, beauty and class and this celebrity shows it all in every show she works in. These days she has been in Bigg Boss Season 14. Since the day she has slipped into the show, she has stolen the hearts of her fans. On...

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