Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan – Khan’s Weight Fears Don’t Allow Her to Stand in the Mirror

Chaka Khan is going on well on trends these days and where she is grabbing the attention, the Hollywood hottie Jennifer Lawrence too is on way to grab the attention. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan in other words are in trends. Chaka, 67 fetches the attention due to her bad body image, as she says that she has a bad body image and even cannot stand in the mirror. She publicly struggled with her weight and now Khan openly admits that she does not like how does she look in the mirror and that is the reason she avoids the mirror.

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Something on Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan

The biggest thing about this Hollywood hottie and beauty Jennifer Lawrence is that she has grossed over $6 billion worldwide. Jennifer Lawrence networth has always been in news and fans would love to learn the same. American actress was once the highest paid actress is 2015 and 2016 (for two consecutive years). In 2013, Lawrence was featured as the Time’s 100 most influential people in the world and got also featured in Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2014 and 2016. Jennifer Lawrence Instagram account is supremely followed by her fans and this shows how much popular she is among the masses.

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On Chaka Khan

As for Chaka Khan, whose actual name is Yvette Marie Stevens, is a popular American musician singer and songwriter. She got popular with her stage name Chaka Khan. She has been in the industry for last five years, beginning in the 1970 as a lead vocalist of the funk band Rufus. Chaka Khan songs are all the time in fame. Chaka Khan, I Feel for You is still popular among her fans. Although it was released in 1984, but the listeners would love to stay with.

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Chaka Khan Weight Issue

Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan these days are well in search on the web and this is because of the popularity they have among their millions of fans in the world.

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Chaka Khan’s Struggle with Weight

Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan

Chaka is publicly struggled with her weight and now she openly admits that she does not like to see her in the mirror. She admits that she has ‘bad body image’. She uttered all this in a new channel in an interview recently. She also mentioned that she assessed herself in comparison with other people. Khan says that she now avoids the mirror. Share your valuable thoughts with us in comments section below on Jennifer Lawrence and Chaka Khan.

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