Yonsei University in South Korea Offers Underwood International College (UIC) Scholarships

Have you ever thought of studying in South Korea? If so, then you now just need to fasten the belts to apply for the open opportunity available at the renowned and best university in South Korea. The available opportunity is laced with financial assistance offered in the form of various scholarships. Underwood International College (UIC) is pleased to announce its scholarships for students interested in studying with them. UIC is Yonsei University’s college. If you have developed your interest, you may then learn complete details about the Underwood International College (UIC) Scholarships in the next portion of this post.

Details About Underwood International College (UIC) Scholarships

Before expressing about the scholarships, the students first need to understand the Yonsei University which was founded in 1885. The university has been synonymous with international education and exchange in Asia. Being the most internationalized liberal higher education institution in Korea, the university has a mammoth repute around the world. It is among the widely renowned South Korean universities.

As far as the Underwood International College, it is the first English-language liberal arts college and worldwide renowned flagship international program of Yonsei University. Students at UIC are selected from a wide list of classes delivered/conducted wholly in English and taught by a distinguished group of Korean and international scholars. Students at UIC come from around the world. These scholarships mentioned ahead in the post are for undergraduate degrees.

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Underwood International College Majors

16 majors under 5 divisions in 3 fields are conducted, details of the three fields are mentioned as under:

  1. Underwood Field

Underwood Division: Economics, Comparative Literature and Culture, International Studies, Life Science, Political Science and International Relations and Biotechnology.

  1. Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Field

Techno Art Division: Creative Technology Management, Information and Interaction Design, Culture and Design Management

Asian Studies Division

  1. Integrated Science and Engineering Field

Integrated Science and Engineering Division

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Available Scholarships – Underwood International College (UIC) Scholarships

The scholarships available at UIC are divided into three categories namely Admissions Scholarship, Merit-Based Scholarship, and Need-Based Scholarship. There are other various scholarships that are not offered regularly, they are announced to all eligible UIC students.

Admissions Scholarship at UIC

They are offered to newly admitted international students. Full tuition coverage is provided for 4 years.

How to Apply

International students who apply for UIC will automatically be considered as scholarship candidates. From admitted students, recipients of scholarships are selected based on/according to their academic credentials. In the admission packet, the scholarship offer letter will be enclosed. It will be sent to the recipients individually. For the following semester, scholarship recipients will be required to maintain a certain level of GPA each semester to be eligible for the scholarship facility.

Merit-Based Scholarship at UIC

These are offered to currently enrolled students of UIC. Full, half, or one-third of the tuition per semester is available.

How to Apply

All students of UIC will be automatically considered as scholarship candidates. The scholarship standard of each semester could vary. For more details or to apply for the scholarship, interested students should check the announcement.

Need-Based Scholarship

This is available to currently enrolled students of UIC. Full, half, or one-third of the tuition per semester is available.

How to Apply

At the end of each semester, a freedom scholarship will be announced for UIC students who are in need of financial assistance. Interested candidates have to submit an application form and required documents, which will then be reviewed by the office of UIC. If need be, applicants could be called for individual interviews to be done by the scholarship committee.

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Other Scholarship Opportunities at UIC

These scholarship programs are of various types which are not regularly offered but could be available during any academic year or given semester. Once these opportunities arise, they will be announced by the UIC office to all eligible students at UIC.

Note: If you are interested in applying for Underwood International College (UIC) Scholarships mentioned above, you should check complete details on the official webpage and learn everything including the application process.

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