Want to Study in Finland for Free, Get Scholarships, Part-Time Jobs and How to Settle after Graduation – A Complete Guide

There is no denying in mentioning that the quality of education in Finland has made the country one of the fastest-growing international hubs in entire Europe. Today, every other student from the world wants to study in Finland as a result of country’s best education, educational facilities, faculties, standards of education and amiable ambiance of the country. The country houses some of the best universities of the world offering massive variety of new and exciting careers for the graduating students. Universities in Finland are regarded very high by international students. The best and most interesting thing is that you may study in Finland for free as well apart from other funding facilities available to international students.

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Details about Study in Finland for Free

If you are seeking about tuition-free universities in Finland for international students 2022 (year or ahead), then you need to understand the fact that tuition fees were introduced for international students (non-EU/EEA) in Finland in 2017 by Finnish Parliament. Since 2017 (after the rule was passed by the Finnish Parliament), non-EU/EEA students are liable to pay tuition fees for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. PhD (doctorate) programs are still tuition-free regardless of any nationality.

Despite tuition-fees for international students, they may still get free study in Finland through various opportunities, as they can apply to study in Finland scholarships available to them. More details about this opportunity and everything related to study in Finland are mentioned in this post ahead.

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Study in Finland for International Students

International students are often confused about language barriers, and think whether they can study in English-taught programs there. The answer is ‘yes’. You may study in Finland in English, since the programs conducted in English medium of instructions are available at Finnish universities.

World-leading higher education system of Finland offers more than 500 English-taught programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels conducted at 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). English-taught doctoral programs in various fields are also available at the universities in Finland. You may even study in Finland without IELTS as well. To learn more about this opportunity, you should contact with your relevant or desired university.

All universities in Finland including universities of applied sciences offer scholarship opportunities to international students. So, if you are more concerned about scholarships or free study, you should be pleased with this information.

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Tuition Fees in Finland

Only the students from outside the EU/EEA area are required to pay tuition fees for their studies at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels taught in English. For those seeking admissions in PhD programs and if they are chosen, they are not required to pay any tuition fees no matter from where do they belong. Doctorate level studies are still free at universities in Finland.

Note: Tuition fees paying students are eligible to apply for the scholarships offered by the universities. Thus, you are entitled to submit scholarship applications. Non-EU/EEA students may avail this opportunity to fund their studies in Finland. If you are looking for tuition-free universities in Europe for international students 2022 (year) – the best and renowned universities of Europe, you may find the details here.

Living Expenditures in Finland

If you are entitled to study in Finland for free, you nonetheless have to bear your living expenses there while your study lasts. Both tuition-free and tuition paying students are required to independently cover your living expenses. A rough idea for living expenditures for international students includes accommodation, food, travel, etc. Thus, international students should expect around €700 to €900 depending on where they live and their personal lifestyle (living habits). The students should also have in mind that living expenses could be higher in larger cities than smaller ones.

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About Student Union Fees

As an international student, you are also required to pay an annual student union fee. It is around €80 to €100. By joining local student union, students are provided with a student car which entitles them to student discounts in places such as public transport and student restaurants.

Scholarships for International Students

Well, study in Finland for international students is really an enticing experience. You can also get scholarships if you are a non-EU/EEA student to make your study a tension-free experience.

There is no doubt in expressing that if you plan a budget for your time in Finland, it will surely be a vital part of the preparation for your journey ahead in Finland. As mentioned earlier that universities located in Finland offer a range of various options for scholarships available for both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. International students, who are non-EU/EEA based, are eligible to apply for the same. For doctoral students, though tuition is free, funding options are nonetheless available.

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Finland Scholarships

These scholarships are targeted to non-EU/EEA students who are tuition paying candidates and apply for international Master’s programs at the universities in Finland. Remember that these scholarship opportunities are not applicable to UAS Master’s programs.

Besides, Finland Doctoral Fellowships for PhD level programs (studies) and research at the universities of Finland are also part of this program. For more details about these scholarships, visit the official page.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs Scholarships

These scholarships are available at all universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) provide these scholarship options for gifted non-EU/EEA students who have tuition-paying status and submit their applications for international Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. To learn more about these opportunities, you may visit the official page.

PhD/Doctoral Programs Funding

For international students interested in pursuing a PhD degree in Finland, a research-related funding is available such as the National EDUFI Fellowships. In addition to that, the students could also find paid doctoral research positions or doctoral funding schemes of their own available for international students. To get more details about this opportunity, you may visit the official page.

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Universities Available to Study in Finland

As for the universities in Finland, there are 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences where you may study your desired programs. Finland carries two types of higher education institutions – Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and Universities. International students may find English-taught degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels.  To get details about all universities in Finland and what programs are offered there including admission procedure, tuition fees and all that, visit the official page that enlists the information of all universities of Finland.

Working in Finland for International Students

International students are eligible to work part-time during their studies in Finland. This is undoubtedly a good way to gain a valuable experience apart from earning extra income. Non-EU students can work in Finland within certain limits using their student residence permit. No doubt that the career services of the universities may be helpful in providing you the information about the local job options, but students’ own initiative in this regard is very vital to get part-time employment alongside their studies.

Non-EU/EEA students are also eligible to extend their residence permit for up to 2 years after their graduation. This opportunity is provided to them so that they can search for work or start a business.

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Study in Finland for Free – Concluding Note

The students from EU and EEA areas including Finnish student are eligible to study in Finland for free, rest of the students will have to pay the tuition fee and bear their living plus other costs during their studies.

But the tuition fees in Finland is quite nominal than the rest of the Europe and big countries. Additionally, as mentioned earlier in this post, they are also liable to apply for scholarships to fund their studies meaning that non-EU/EEA students too can get tuition-free status if succeeded in obtaining the scholarships. Doctoral studies is free for both types of students. Living and other relevant costs will have to be covered by the students no matter they belong to EU/EEA area or not.

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