List of Tuition Free Universities in Europe for International and Domestic Students

If you are concerned about tuition free universities in Europe offering free tuition for international and domestic students, then this post is going to help out. Students all over the world are more inclined towards applying for fully funded scholarships. But if for some reason, you are no qualified for the scholarship or you do not have exceptional academic career, you may then think over the option to find free tuition being offered in tuition free countries.

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There are so many universities around the world offering free tuition or tuition fee waivers for both domestic and international students. If we just talk about Europe, there are numerous options wait for you to apply and get rewarded with this opportunity. Here, we will discuss about tuition free universities in Europe for international students 2021 list. These universities also provide the same advantage to their domestic students as well.

Details about Tuition Free Universities in Europe

There is no need to get worried about if for any reason, your scholarship application is rejected. You may seek opportunities for free tuition, tuition fee waivers or even for low-cost tuition universities in the world. For every type of student and according to their career graph, the options are available. But you just need to make a through search to narrow down the options for you.

If you happen to be more concerned about online education, you might also find many options for tuition-free university online. The universities in Europe such as in Austria, Norway, Finland, Germany, Sweden and to name a few, you may find free tuition, low tuition and even tuition fee waivers. We will try to mention the list of tuition free universities in Europe.

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Information about Tuition Free Universities in Germany

Let’s find out the options for tuition-free universities in Germany for international students 2021. According to the information, all universities situated in Germany except Baden-Württemberg do not charge the tuition fees from international and domestic students for their bachelor’s and consecutive master’s programs. In few federal states of Germany, there are universities which charge a semester or administration fees (which is around €50). If you are more concerned about the updated tuition fees structure in federal states in Germany, you are directed to check HERE for all the updates about the tuition fees structures. Presently, the Baden-Württemberg state charges the tuition fees that is around €1,500 per semester from non-EU citizens for the Bachelor’s, Diploma and Master’s programs.

Apart from the free tuition options, there are cheap universities in Germany for international students as well. You may search for the same online to get the results.

Majority of the Master’s programs conducted in Germany are tuition-based. But the students may afford with ease since the tuition fees structure is quite economical than the rest of the Europe and world. There is no doubt that Germany is regarded for the higher quality of education, and you may find the best universities in Germany offering research and other education.

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As for the doctoral studies in Germany, they are principle free. The students are charged when they complete their first 6 semesters, but they need to pay a semester contribution fee of around €150-200 per semester. The best about the doctoral students is that they are offered research projects (paid PhD positions), or they are awarded with a scholarship.

If your concern is for the tuition-free universities in Germany taught in English, then the answer is ‘yes’ since the majority of the universities offer instruction in English. As for the expenses occurred there in Germany for international students, you need to have €600-800 on average for your transportation, food, accommodation and other miscellaneous charges.

Let’s find the programs of study and universities in Germany.

Information about Tuition Free Universities in Austria

For those seeking tuition fees in Austria for international students, there are tuition-based universities operating there as well. But here, we are discussing about tuition free universities for international students, so let’s find out the options for the same.

If you are from outside EU/EEA countries (non-EU/EEA student), the public universities in Austria will charge you a nominal fee of €726.72 per semester as your tuition fees in addition to student union membership and student accident insurance fee of €20.20 per semester. You can get full tuition fees waiver, and may also be the recipient of full and partial refund of the tuition fees. You need to check with the university, you choose. The expenses taken place there for international students could be €700-800 per month that consists of food, living, transportation and others.

Let’s find the universities, private universities and institutions in Austria.

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Information about Tuition Free Universities in Norway

Here we will discuss about the list of universities in Norway for international students. Well, Norway is known for its free education in the world. All the state universities and university colleges do not charge any tuition fees from the students. Both domestic and international students are exempt from paying tuition fees. The most interesting and beneficial thing is that this rule applies to all program levels such as undergraduates, Masters and doctoral programs. You just need to pay NOK 300-600 per semester as a semester fee. You may also search online for Norway free education for international students 2021 for more details.

Remember, there are few state universities and university colleges in Norway, which might charge tuition fees to the students for few specialized programs (these are normally at the Master’s studies).

Well, for the private colleges and universities in Norway, the students have to pay tuition fees for the entire programs and courses conducted there. The best thing is that these fees are nonetheless lower than the rest of the world. To learn more and the names of the tuition-free universities in Norway for international students 2021, you may search online. As for the cost occurred while your stay in Norway for your studies, you should expect around NOK 90,000-100,000 per year for the living expenditures.

Let’s find the list of the tuition free universities in Norway.

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Information about Tuition Free Universities in Sweden

Let’s now talk about the tuition free universities in Sweden for international students 2021. Well, things appear different in Sweden for the students from non-EU/EEA and Nordic countries or Switzerland. For these students, an application fees and tuition fees apply to studies at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. But, wait, there is tuition fee waiver available to international students at the Swedish Institute and at various other universities in Sweden which offer full and partial scholarships for tuition fees exemption.

For doctoral students, PhD positions are often offered as paid by the universities or other funding bodies. If you are paid for a PhD position in Sweden, you will not pay the tuition fees and receive a salary per month. As for the expenses taken place in Sweden during study, you need to expect between €700-1200 per month for accommodation, food, commuting and others.

Let’s find the list of the tuition free universities in Sweden and also scholarships available.

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Information about Tuition Free Universities in Finland

Well, now we talk about tuition-free universities for international students in Finland. Before the autumn of 2017, the tuition was free in Finland for both domestic and international students at all levels. But since the autumn of 2017 onwards, the things have changed. The English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s studies for non-EU/EEA students are tuition-fees paid. Only the studies conducted at PhD level are free for international students. As for the expenses occurred for the students studying there in Finland, the estimated cost is €700-1000 per month.

Let’s find the list of universities in Finland.

If you are concerned about scholarships, check out the list of scholarships in Finland for international students.

How to Apply for Tuition Free Universities in Europe

Process of application is simple. Normally it happens online. You just need to follow the instructions mentioned by each university in Europe you select for application.

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