University of Lucerne (Switzerland) Invites Applications for the Joint Doctoral Degree Program

For students or researchers who are on their way to finding a research degree abroad, there is a marvelous opportunity waiting for them to grab none other than in the picturesque and eye-candy Switzerland. If you are passionate about this beautiful country and it has been your ultimate passion to study in Switzerland, then get ready now to find an awesome opportunity. This opportunity is for a PhD program that is a joint PhD program. Let’s now find out the details regarding the University of Lucerne Joint Doctoral Degree. Check details now in the next lines of this post.

Details about the University of Lucerne Joint Doctoral Degree

Before explaining about the joint doctoral degree program, it is better to express about the university itself. The University of Lucerne is a public university located in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Founded in 1460, has a total enrolment of 3211 students according to 2021’s available data online. The university has a mammoth international reputation.

Let’s now come back to the joint Ph.D. degree program. As far as a joint doctoral degree is concerned, it enables students to pursue their doctoral degree under the supervision of two professors at two different universities in two different countries.

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Joint Doctoral Degree Guidelines

The joint PhD programs carry their individual guidelines. Here, we discuss this joint doctoral degree program. The following guidelines will be applied for the implementation of a joint PhD degree at the University of Lucerne.


The agreement is essential for this type of program, thus, it appears to be a prerequisite for each doctoral applicant that the two partner institutions involved have to ink an agreement on the implementation of a joint doctoral degree.

This type of agreement has to be signed by the Deans, Presidents/Rectors, and supervisors of both universities (institutions) as well as by the Ph.D. (doctoral) candidate. The cooperation agreement has to be inked no later than one year after the doctoral applicant’s enrolment at his/her home university.

There is no entitlement for a joint doctoral degree with the participation of the University of Lucerne. A standard joint doctoral degree agreement is provided by the International Relations Office of the University of Lucerne that respects the existing regulations of the University of Lucerne.


As far as the language is concerned in which the doctoral thesis will be written and the language in which the thesis will be defended, it must be defined by two institutions (both institutions/universities) and should be written in the cooperation agreement.

Enrolment Process

It is to be noted that the candidates of the doctoral program have to pay their tuition fees at their home institution/university, the host university will exempt tuition fees during the joint doctoral degree. In that case, if the University of Lucerne is not the home university, incoming doctoral candidates will have to enroll at the student administration office of the University of Lucerne – one month prior to their intended stay and pay a non-recurring enrolment fee.

Doctoral candidates have to make sure that they are following enrolment deadlines which are Fall Semester: 31st August, Spring 31st August, and Spring Semester 31st January respectively.

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Admission Requirements

Fulfilling doctoral degree admission requirements for joint doctoral degree candidates at their home university as well as at their host university is important and required. Besides, admission to the joint PhD (doctoral) degree at the partner institution has to take place before the closing of the cooperation agreement.

Research Stay

It is worth noting that the candidates of the joint doctoral program at least need to spend one semester at the second/host institution. There is nonetheless a recommendation from the University of Lucerne for doctoral students to complete two-thirds of their dissertation at their home university and one-third at the partner university.

Once the doctoral thesis is completed, the doctoral students need to file for recognition of their research stay to their supervisor at the University of Lucerne. On the part of the supervisor, he/she will provide the International Relations Office with a copy of the signed recognition.

Obtaining a Diploma

The diploma will be issued to the doctoral candidates from both partner institutions. Each partner university/institution will issue a diploma for the same doctoral thesis. The diploma has to state that the obtained degree is a joint doctoral degree program.

Note: The diploma does not entitle the doctoral candidates to two doctoral degrees.

Funding Matter

The possible expenses/costs related to the doctoral exam (such as travel costs for the supervisors) should be paid by the home institution of each supervisor. At the University of Lucerne, these kinds of costs happen to be met at the expense of the corresponding department or faculty.

The scholarships are granted by the State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER) for joint doctoral degrees with Israeli and European universities. The swissuniversities administer and manage these scholarships. Visit the official source for more information about the financial support available for joint doctoral degrees with European universities (swissuniversities).

Applications for the swissuniversities scholarships should be completed latest by 1st March. By this deadline, all documents (in hard copies) must be submitted to the IRO (International Relations Office) of the University of Lucerne.

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Enrolment Deadlines and Swissuniversities Scholarships Deadlines

Doctoral students must be aware of the enrolment deadlines such as fall semester (31st August), and spring semester (31st January).

Applications for the swissuniversities scholarships must be completed by March 1st (at the latest).

Implementation Process for the University of Lucerne Joint Doctoral Degree

If you are interested in applying for this joint doctoral degree program, you should first visit the official call and read the complete details, and then follow the instructions very carefully mentioned under the heading ‘implementation procedure’ on the official call page.

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