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Get ready to apply for Facebook AI Residency Program called The Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Residency Program that consists of a one-year research training with Facebook’s AI Research group. It has been designed to provide you with a hands-on-experience of machine learning research. You will be paired with a senior researcher or the engineer in FAIR. You will be mentored by that senior researcher. Together with the researcher or the engineer, you will select a research problem mutually (that interests both of you) and then devise latest deep learning techniques to solve the problem.

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Details about Facebook AI Residency Program

FAIR (the program) encourages collaborations beyond assigned mentor. The research done will be conveyed and shared with the academic community through submission of papers to top academic venues such as ICLR, NIPS, ICML, CVPR, ACL, ICCV, EMNLP, etc.).  It will also be communicated to open-source code releases.

Benefits of FAIR

Well, the main benefit for this research program is to prepare the students for graduate programs in the field of machine learning or to begin a research career in the same field. Remember, Facebook AI Residency Program is a fulltime program and you cannot do anything thing in parallel such as you cannot study in university or do a fulltime job while you are at FAIR.

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Eligibility for the Program

If you have a prior experience in machine learning field, it will be an added advantage. But the program seeks the people from various backgrounds including ostensibly unrelated to machine learning like (but not limited to) physics, math, economics, finance, linguistics, social sciences, computational and bioinformatics. Let’s now learn more on eligibility:

  • You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field like Statistics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics or equivalent practical experience.
  • You must have completed the coursework in Probability, Linear Algebra, Calculus or equivalent.
  • You need to have coding experience in general purpose programming language like C/C++ or Python.
  • You should show your familiarity with a deep learning platform like Caffee, PyTorch, Theano or TensorFlow.
  • You should be able to converse complex research in a precise, clear and actionable manner.

Preferred Qualifications for Facebook AI Residency Program

For the AI residency programs by Facebook, you need to provide below:

  • Your research experience in machine learning or AI.
  • Your significant contributions to demonstrating strong math, open-source projects, statistics, engineering, or machine learning skills.
  • Your track record should be strong enough for scholastic excellence.

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Benefits You Will Be Offered

Besides getting paid with Facebook AI residency salary (competitive salary), you will:

  • Learn as to how you can perform research in a deep learning and AI.
  • Understand the prior work and present literature.
  • Work with a mentor(s) for research to make identification of the problem(s) of interest and you will be able to develop novel AI techniques.
  • Be able to translate the ideas into practical code (in frameworks like Caffe 2 and PyTorch).
  • Be able to write research results in academic paper format and submit to the top-notch conference in your relevant areas.


The duration of Facebook AI Residency program is one year. The starting dates are mentioned as under:

  • Residency Program begins from August 2021
  • Residency Program ends August 2022

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Deadline for Application

The deadline for applications submission is 31st January 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Application Process (How to Apply) of Facebook AI Residency Program

In order to make the application for this program, you need to make online submission at the official page. Late applications or late materials (required with application submission) after the closing date will not be entertained. If you pass the initial screening, you will be contacted with a request for a letter of recommendation. Following this procedure, you will be interviewed in person over video conference. Click here to APPLY.

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