5 Cheapest Countries for International Students to Study Abroad

There is absolutely no doubt in mentioning that every other student from the world would like to study abroad. And everyone wants to study at the best and top-ranked universities to get a good quality of education so that excelling into a career could be mammoth and beneficial. Majority of us seek financial aid to fund studies abroad. But getting scholarships or any kind of financial aid is not a cup of tea for all of us, it requires a hard procedure and eligibility criteria to meet. Often, the idea of studying abroad has to be left behind due to financial hardships. For those, who are passionate about getting education from abroad universities but are coerced to drop the idea due to non-availability of funds on hand, there are countries across the world offering affordable education. Let’s find out the cheapest countries for international students. The list of 5 countries offering very economical education for international students has been compiled for you.

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Details about the 5 Cheapest Countries for International Students to Study Abroad

Apart from your education abroad, living too happens to be supremely expensive for international students. When you plan to go abroad for studies, you need to focus on tuition fees, other expenses at the universities, accommodation and other living expenditures, etc. All of these expenses turn out to be troublesome. But worries aside, there are numerous options available to study abroad on a budget. You may seek the options of countries offering free of cost study or study with lower tuition fees plus lower living expenditures.

It is surely possible to get a higher quality of education from abroad on your budget. It is certainly achievable to study postgraduate education, undergraduate education and even all levels of education on a budget without making any compromises on quality.

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1. Norway

As for the Nordic countries, they are undoubtedly economical for study purposes. Norway is really the best country for international students to study and work as well, since international students are allowed to do part time jobs (as they are also allowed in various other countries of the world). Norway is not only free for its own citizens/students, but also for others from the world. It means that it does not matter whether you belong to the EU or are outside the EU area, you are eligible for free study at public universities (with the exception of some specialized programs).

Another best part of Norway is that international students cannot find language barriers in their studies there, as they can find English medium education there. There are English-taught programs available at all study levels. As for living, Norway could be costly with high living costs. But, with a deep search, international students could find affordable living options nonetheless. If interested in studying in Norway, you visit here to get details about admissions, universities, scholarships and related matters.

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2. Germany

Another option to get economical study is Germany. The country has world’s popular universities and offers high quality of life.  At undergraduate and doctorate (PhD) levels, no tuition fees are charged at all public universities (excluding those located in Baden-Württemberg). For students seeking admissions at Master level, they can search for the scholarships to study abroad for the option of Germany.

Germany has also started grabbing the attention of international students for the career-making opportunities the country offers to graduating students in various areas, most notable being automotive, engineering and electrical fields. As for the cost of living, it is relatively lower end than other parts of Europe, but it all depends on your lifestyle and living habits. If you are interested in studying in Germany, you visit here to get details about admissions, universities, scholarships/funding and related matters.

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3. Taiwan

Well, Taiwan is without any doubt among the best countries for international students seeking to pursue their higher education at the universities. As far as the tuition costs for international students in Taiwan are concerned, they are significantly lower than that of the other parts of the world. Both the public and private universities in Taiwan charge very lower tuition fees from the students of the world, helping them to study with ease and providing them the quality of education they deserve the most. At the government level, the Ministry of Education also provides scholarships to international students to fund their studies.

Living abroad is really hard, but Taiwan lets it become affordable for international students. Students may find many options for cheap accommodation, and other costs too are at lower end. For those who are interested in studying in Taiwan, visit here to get details about admissions, universities, scholarships/funding and related matters.

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4. Mexico

Where Mexico is popular for its top tourist destinations in the entire world, it has also begun gathering attention from international students. Tuition fees charged by the universities are economical for the students wishing to study there. Living costs too are affordable, and could be more economical if students work on their living habits.  At the majority of the universities, the medium of instruction is Spanish. But to attract international students, English-taught programs are also offered.

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5. Poland

Among the best cheapest countries for international students, Poland is another option offering higher quality of education with lower costs. International students give it thumbs up due to fantastic educational ambiance, lower costs for study and living. If you are proficient in Polish and speak it, you may also find the option to study free in Poland (by taking the similar entrance examinations as Polish students take, and you study in Polish language). English-taught programs of study are also available for all levels of education.

Living costs in Poland are not high, rather at the lower end. Students, who come to Poland, may manage with ease. If you are planning for study in Poland, you may visit here to get details regarding admissions, universities, scholarships/funding and related matters.

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