Bilkent University Scholarships for International Students (Full & Partial Tuition Fee Waiver and Merit Scholarship) in Turkey

Students interested in studying abroad may find this opportunity pretty much beneficial for their educational goals. If you would like to study in Turkey and you want funding at the same time for your higher study, then get ready to witness a marvelous opportunity for you. One of the top-ranked and finest universities in Turkey offers scholarships for international students. Get ready to apply for Bilkent University scholarships for international students. It is time to undertake higher education in Turkey.

Details Regarding Bilkent University Scholarships for International Students 

If you are searching for the best scholarships in Turkey, Bilkent University appears to be the prime choice for sure since it offers attractive scholarship opportunities for international students. International students are quite inclined towards studying at Bilkent University because of its massive repute and education standards. Founded on 20th October 1984, it is the first private non-profit university in Turkey. As far as Bilkent University ranking is concerned, it is ranked 502 in QS World University Rankings.

As a prospective student, you may apply for the financial aid offered to international students at the university. The students, who apply for scholarships, will be evaluated as per their high school grades, their program choices, their national and or international exam scores, and other relevant academic criteria respectively.

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Eligibility Criteria for Bilkent University Scholarships for International Students

  • Students who are on scholarship are required to undertake the minimum course load from their curriculum specified for their major department each semester (excluding additional courses, withdrawn courses, minor program courses, GE100, GE251, and non-credit courses). They also need to maintain at least an Annual GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00.
  • As for the English preparatory program students, they are required to take the PAE or ECA exam by the end of each course or they should pass PAE at the end of the academic year.
  • Students on scholarships, who cannot meet these conditions, will be decreased by one or two levels and they will not be restored even if they improve their performance.
  • If there are no spring or fall semesters within the Annual GPA, students who have less than 2.00 GPA will be given a warning. If these students cannot meet the required conditions by the end of the following year, the scholarship conferred to them will be decreased by two levels.
  • For all scholarship awardees, attendance at lectures and academic activities is mandatory.

Special Note

For complete eligibility criteria, students should visit the official webpage. Scholarship applicants and students who previously possessed or already have Turkish citizenship are not held eligible for international scholarships. As an international student and applicant, if you obtain citizenship in Turkey later, you will also lose your eligibility for these international scholarships from the date of citizenship onward.

Financial Benefits (Scholarships)

There are financial benefits associated with Bilkent University scholarships for international students. Let’s check out the details as under:

  • If you qualify for the scholarship, you will be offered a partial or full tuition waiver scholarship. Tuition waiver scholarships are conferred at five levels, and they range from 20% to 100% in increments of 20%.
  • There are accommodation scholarships as well which may be offered or available at a limited number for exceptional students who are offered full tuition waiver scholarships.
  • Remember, you may benefit from tuition waiver scholarships for a maximum of four semesters in the English Preparatory Program. And you may get benefit from tuition waiver scholarships for a maximum of ten semesters in four years undergraduate degree programs. As far as accommodation scholarships are concerned, they are offered for up to eight semesters.

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Merit Scholarships

Under Bilkent University scholarships for international students, there are merit scholarships also available to international students in Turkey. International students, at the end of each academic year,  who have taken a minimum curriculum course load (that excludes any withdrawn courses, additional courses, non-credit courses, GE 100-250-251, and repeated courses in Spring, already taken in the Fall semester) and also obtained an annual grade point average of 3.30 or above in addition to being in the top 5% of all the non-scholarship students in their study programs, they could be held eligible to obtain merit scholarships for the following (upcoming) academic year.

If students like to be eligible for the merit scholarship being international students, they need to rank at a level higher than their present partial tuition waiver scholarship level. Depending on the ranking of a student within the top five percent of the scholarship, the following is the coverage of tuition fees:


Tuition Percent

First 1%


Second 1%


Third 1%


Fourth 1%


Fifth 1%


For complete details, you may visit the official webpage of Bilkent University scholarships for international students.

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