The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) Scholarships at University of the South Pacific in UK (Fully Funded)

Would like to study abroad? If yes, the opportunity is out there to grab. Funded by the United Kingdom’s Blue Planet Fund, The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) Scholarships provide you with a novel opportunity for those students who are from the South Pacific to do a fully funded Masters or PhD programs in marine science. Universities and the researchers/people who do research on this field play an important role to play in tackling marine pollution and creating solutions to enable the sustainable usage of marine resources.

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Details about The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) Scholarships

These scholarships are for early to mid-career researchers who are from the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu who would like to develop a career in marine science. These scholarships called OCPP Scholarships will provide support to the successful students/researchers with world-class research and innovation in the field of marine pollution. The applicants from the nationals/citizens of other Pacific Island countries for PhD programs are also eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

The University of the South Pacific hosts the scholarships, which will provide the scholars from the South Pacific with the opportunity to harness their regional knowledge, do important research activities and help develop solutions to the problems of marine environment. These scholarships are offered for postgraduate education and doctorate studies.

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Purpose of the Scholarship Program

The main purpose of this scholarship program is to provide support to scientific research which will make a contribution to the conservation and sustainable management of marine resources.

Concise Description about OCPP Scholarships

Let’s now find out the details in a concise manner as under:

Host University/Institution: University of the South Pacific

Program of Study: Masters and PhD

Financial Benefits: Fully Funded

Deadline to Submit Applications: 3rd November 2022

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Research Topics

These scholarships facilitate a good range of potential projects and research fields including:

  • Lessening marine pollution via action on land-based and aquatic-based sources making contribution to improved livelihoods and healthy environments.
  • Tool and technology development, gathering evidence, data analysis, modelling and the impacts of pollution on habitats, humans and marine species.
  • Applications are accepted under the Ocean Country Partnership Programme marine pollution theme encompassing all types/forms of pollution including heavy metals, chemicals, eutrophication, nutrients, pathogens, microbiological pollutants and marine litter.

Available Degree Programs

Following are the available degree programs for both Masters degrees and PhD programs.

Master’s Degrees

The students who are the citizens of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are eligible to submit the applications for a Master’s program in below-mentioned fields:

  • MA Geography
  • MA Environmental Management
  • Master of Agriculture
  • MA Marine Management
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MSc Biology
  • MSc Environmental Science
  • MSc Earth Science
  • MSc Marine Science
  • MSc Geospatial Science

PhD Programs

For PhD degrees, the citizens of Fiji, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Niue, Nauru, Samoa, Tokelau, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Tonga and Vanuatu are eligible to submit the applications in below-mentioned fields, but on the condition if their research is focused on or directly applicable to Solomon Islands or Vanuatu:

  • PhD Biology
  • PhD Agriculture
  • PhD Earth Science
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Environmental Science
  • PhD Environmental Management
  • PhD Marine Management
  • PhD Geography
  • PhD Marine Science

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Eligibility Standards

Let’s now check out the details of the eligibility criteria for the scholarships.

  • If you would like to apply for a Master’s program, you need to be a citizen of and normally the resident in the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu.
  • For those who would like to apply for PhD program, they should be the citizens of other Pacific Island countries (Fiji, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Marshal Islands, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Tonga), but only if their research makes a focus on or directly is applicable to the Solomon Islands or Vanuatu.
  • The applicants need to be working in or possess significant work experience in the fields of fisheries, environment and aquaculture science.
  • The applicants should possess an undergraduate or bachelor’s level degree.
  • They need to propose a topic of research that is novel, timely and likely to lead to crystal clearly demonstrated wide impact beyond the academic community.
  • At the host university, the applicants have to meet the eligibility standards for postgraduate education.

Financial Benefits

The successful applicants will receive an award on an 18-month basis for Master’s degree students and over 3 years for PhD students. Each successful awardee will be entitled to:

  • Living expenditures
  • Tuition fees (including health fees and general fees)
  • Grant for research support
  • On case-by-case basis travel grant
  • On case-by-case basis dependent disability and maternity expenses

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Deadline for Applications Submission

The last date for applications submission is 3rd November 2022.

How to Apply for The Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) Scholarships

To apply for these international scholarships, the interested applicants should first visit the official website and learn the details. You should understand the application procedure and then apply accordingly through online application form.

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