MPOWER Financing Offers MPOWER Refugee Scholarship for International Students to Study in the U.S. and Canada

Every one of us is better aware of the importance of scholarships. A scholarship plays a big and vital role in one’s education. With financial support, your become safe and put your big worries of the finances aside and just focus on your studies. Apart from the release from financial burdens, scholarships add value to students’ lives, careers, and resumes. It is a privilege and honor if you are awarded a scholarship for your studies. If you are now on your way to finance your studies with available ways, you may now get an opportunity provided that you apply for the MPOWER Refugee Scholarship program.

Details about MPOWER Refugee Scholarship

Students from all parts of the world know the name ‘MPOWER’, as it is popular for providing financing and scholarships to students. As far as the MPOWER Refugee Scholarship scheme is concerned, it supports students who are witnessing harsh conditions from around the globe and coming to Canada or the United States for a better future. If you are interested and want to avail this interesting opportunity offered by MPOWER Financing, you may go through and understand all details and then apply accordingly.

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About MPOWER Financing

According to MPOWER, it is a passionate team of global citizens who help students from around the globe pursue their study dreams. They are of the view that everyone has a future worth supporting.

Founded in 2014, Manu Smadja and Mike Davis launched it. The two wanted to remove the financial hurdles students often experience when pursuing their studies abroad (pursuing an international education).

To do this, the organization would make loans based on interested students’ future potential, not their past. Since its beginning, MPOWER has helped thousands of students achieve their study goals abroad.

Eligibility Criteria for MPOWER Refugee Scholarship

If you like to be considered for this opportunity, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Let’s find out the details about the eligibility requirements.

Interested students should be accepted at or enrolled in a full-time degree program at a Canadian or United States school that MPOWER supports, and

They need to be international students allowed to pursue their studies legally in the United States or Canada, as applicable via one of the below-mentioned criteria:

  • They have a temporary protected status
  • They are asylees or refugees from any country (or pursuing such status)
  • They have a beneficiary of Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status

There is no need to apply for a loan with MPOWER Financing but are welcome to.

Note: It should be noted that Canadian citizens/permanent residents and American citizens and those students with other immigration statuses are not eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

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Financial Benefits (Scholarship Amount)

Under MPOWER Refugee Scholarship, the following is what will be offered to successful students:

Grand Prize – US$3,000

Honorable Mention – US$1,000

Deadline to Submit the Applications

There is no deadline as yet, but MPOWER will soon announce it on its website. Keep visiting their website to learn the application deadline.

How to Apply for MPOWER Refugee Scholarship

If you think you fit the bill (meet all eligibility requirements), you may then proceed with the application procedure and submit your application according to the instructions. Visit the official webpage for complete details and application submission.

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