Study Opportunity in Norway – The University of Bergen Offers Master’s Degree Programmes Taught in English

Looking for a postgraduate education? Is it so? If yes, there is a marvelous opportunity abroad. You may study in Norway at the most prestigious and high-ranked university. Master’s degree programmes are being offered to international students by The University of Bergen. If interested, you can apply for any one of them. UiB offers multiple Master’s degree programmes taught in English for students who are from outside the EU/EEA. You may find out details about the University of Bergen Master’s degree programmes ahead in the post.

Details about The University of Bergen Master’s Degree Programmes

All of the Master’s degree programmes conducted at UiB carry two years duration. Generally, in the second year of their study, the students devote their time to writing their master’s thesis. It should be noted that international students (from EU/EEA regions) are required to pay their tuition fees and they must document how to finance their living costs for their study period in Norway.

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Concise Description of The University of Bergen Master’s Degree Programmes 

For the ease and understanding of applicants, the details are mentioned in a concise manner below:

Country Name: Norway

University Name: The University of Bergen

Study Level: Master’s Degrees

Fields of Study: Various

Medium of Instruction: English

Deadline: Students are advised to check the university’s official website for complete details

About The University of Bergen (UiB) Norway

It is a world-renowned research university. It is the most-cited university in Norway. The university has seven faculties and approximately 20,000 students, according to the university’s official website. The university also mentions on its website that its PhD candidates are paid employees typically which makes its PhD degree attractive for rising talent.

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List of Master’s Programmes at UiB (Norway)

There is no doubt in mentioning that UiB is among the best and most popular Norwegian universities and the world. A wide range of master’s programmes are available to the students from outside the EU and EEA areas for the academic year 2023-2024 (for the next academic year, there could be changes). Following is the list of programmes offered at the university:


  • Master’s Programme in Global Health
  • Master’s Programme in Biomedical Sciences

Human and Aesthetic Studies

  • Master’s Programme in Philosophy
  • Master’s Programme in Digital Culture
  • Master’s Programme in Linguistics
  • Master’s Programme in French
  • Master’s Programme in German
  • Master’s Programme in Spanish Language and Latin-American Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Italian
  • Master’s Programme in Russian

Social Science and Psychology

  • Master’s Programme in Physical Geography
  • Master’s Programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development
  • Master’s Programme in System Dynamics
  • Master’s Programme in Politics and Governance of Global Challenges
  • Joint European Master’s Programme in System Dynamics (EMSD)
  • Master’s Programme in Global Development Theory and Practice

Natural Sciences and Technical Subjects

  • Master’s Programme in Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Master’s Programme in Earth Science

Fine Arts, Music, and Design

The applicants should note that this faculty operates with other deadlines for applications than the above-listed programmes.

  • Master’s Programme in Fine Art
  • Master’s Programme in Design
  • Master’s Programme in Curatorial Practice
  • Master’s Programme in Music Performance or Composition

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Part-Time Jobs for International Students While Studying

There could be part time work for students in Norway meaning that as an international student, you may work part-time while you study there. Depending on your nationality status, you will have various rules to consider if you like to work part-time in Norway while your study goes on. If you are from the European Union or EEA/EFTA, you can work there after you officially register your move to Norway, and there are no other limitations for you. Let’s check the details for the students from outside the European Union or EEA/EFTA.

You can work part-time for up to 20 hours weekly during your first year of study. While the holiday period goes on (when you do not study), you are entitled to work full-time. When you need to renew your residence permit for the second/third year, your part-time work permit will not be renewed automatically. Therefore, you need to document satisfactory progress in your studies to continue working part-time.

Getting and finding a job in Norway as an international student can be challenging but realistic expectations, networking with people, and an understanding of the local market will enhance your chances of getting a job. The University of Bergen provides advice on how international students can find part-time jobs.

How to Apply for The University of Bergen Master’s Degree Programmes

If you happen to be interested in studying in Norway at the University of Bergen and your interest is in Master’s programme, then you need to visit the official webpage of the university to get and learn all the relevant details about available programs, tuition fees, the application process, etc.

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